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Pawan Kalyan Makes His Instagram Debut As Well

Pawan Kalyan Makes His Instagram Debut As Well

Pawan Kalyan, the actor-turned-politician, rarely utilizes his Twitter handle, despite having 5.3 million followers on the platform.

However, when he does use Twitter, it is primarily to express criticism towards YS Jagan and his government.

Recently, he made his debut on Instagram, recognizing the popularity of the photo-sharing platform among young individuals.

Our sources suggest that Pawan Kalyan will now share video content from his political Yatra on Instagram.

He has used the same bio from his Twitter account on Instagram.

Currently, politicians are not extensively using Instagram, but Pawan Kalyan aims to connect with the younger generation who are avid users of Insta Reels.

The upcoming Andhra Pradesh assembly elections will play a crucial role in shaping his political career, and thus, he is utilizing all available means to reach out to the people.


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