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Pawan Kalyan Behind 'Bholaa Shankar' Trolls

Pawan Kalyan Behind 'Bholaa Shankar' Trolls

A film's failure can arise from various factors, but severe online trolling that follows a flop often boils down to a few key reasons.

One of the primary causes is likability. Audiences tend to react negatively when an actor becomes excessively verbose, displays arrogance, criticizes others, or engages in self-promotion in public.

The intense trolling faced by "Bholaa Shankar" can primarily be attributed to Pawan Kalyan's recent politically charged comments and Chiranjeevi's advice to current politicians not to question his or his brother's earnings.

As long as Chiranjeevi openly supports and endorses Pawan Kalyan, he is likely to lose a significant portion of his fan base.

Alternatively, he could choose to maintain complete neutrality and instruct his associates not to discuss Pawan Kalyan during his film events. Operating with ambiguity will not yield positive results. He must make a clear choice and stick to it.

The excessive praise showered on Chiranjeevi by certain comedians and Allu Aravind during the pre-release event might have boosted the morale of a limited number of fans, but it rubbed many other viewers the wrong way.

It's quite surprising that there was a notable absence of viewers flocking to Chiranjeevi's movie to fill theaters during the opening weekend. This is a first of its kind.

Typically, regardless of public opinion, Chiranjeevi's films attract family audiences to cinemas. However, their enthusiasm for "Bhola Shankar" waned from the very first day, dealing a significant blow to the Mega Star's entire career.

"Bholaa Shankar" is recording remarkably low box office collections compared to the box office performance of other big films in general.


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