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OV Will Be In Ghazi And Uri Style: Varun Tej

OV Will Be In Ghazi And Uri Style: Varun Tej

Varun Tej has been hectic with the promotions of Operation Valentine for more than a month. The actor in his exclusive interview with us shared some interesting aspects about the movie.

“We wanted to promote the movie according to its theme. So, we went to the Wagah border and visited the Pulwama Memorial site. We also went to colleges, as we felt it’s important for youngsters to watch the movie.”

Varun says there were huge efforts underwent to make the movie within the estimated budget.

“It took nearly 2 years to complete the pre-production work. We took the best care in the script stages so that nothing goes wrong during the making stages. We sent the script to script to MoD (Minister Of Defence). They liked it, though suggested a few changes. They gave permission for us to shoot the movie in Gwalior Air Force.”

The actor revealed that although there is some fiction in the storytelling, they chose realistic approach. “Operation Valentine will show detailed and stretched version of what went behind Balakot Airstrike, after the Pulwama Attack. The narrative will be more in Ghazi and Uri style.”

Varun unveils that they considered the titles Rudhra, Fighter, and Pilot for the movie. “We wanted Rudhra, but it was already registered by someone else. We thought Operation Valentine would be an apt choice, given the Balakot airstrike is a strong counter to the Pulwama attack that happened on Valentine’s Day.”

The visuals looked majestic in the trailer. Varun informs that a cameraman working for National Geography helped them canning some real footage. “Rigs were placed downside of aircraft and director Shakti along with his team shot PoV shots of mountains and sky.”

Varun affirms that there will be a total of 3 action blocks in the movie. “The interval episode and the pre-climax action blocks will be major ones, while there will be another small action sequence.”

Varun Tej also spoke about his next movie Matka, the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh, etc. Watch the full interview here:


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