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Om Bheem Bush Can’t Be Remade: Sree Vishnu

Om Bheem Bush Can’t Be Remade: Sree Vishnu

Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna starrer hilarious entertainer Om Bheem Bush was opened to good reports and the movie raked in good collections on day one.

The team celebrated the success event in the presence of the team and special guests such as Maruthi and Dil Raju. 

Young directors Ram Abbaraju, Hasith Goli, and Teja Marni who worked with Sree Vishnu also graced the event.

Director Maruthi stated that the vibe was completely positive when he watched the premiere. He suggested the audience not to wait till the OTT release. 

Producer Dil Raju said that No Logic Only Magic is an apt tagline for the movie. “Om Bheem Bush is the first hit in this summer.”

Director Sree Harsha requested the audience, especially youth to watch the movie with their gangs. “You will have more fun if you watch the movie in the theatre with your gang. Sree Vishnu is the big pillar of support for the movie. Rahul and Darshi took the movie to another level. The Sampangi character played another crucial role in the success.”

Sree Vishnu predicts the movie to have a long run. “We rarely get movies with such unique points. We wanted to tell it entertainingly. Om Bheem Bush can’t be remade in other languages, because it is tough to find actors for the roles played by Rahul and Darshi. Harsha got first success when he brought both of them on board. My producers gave a free hand to director Harsha.”

The bookings are impressive for the movie on day two.


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