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No Clarity for Sapatham's Release

No Clarity for Sapatham's Release

Ram Gopal Varma, in his typical fashion, stirred up a lot of excitement around his political films "Vyooham" and "Sapatham," alleging that Nara Lokesh was responsible for obstructing their release and that he was facing legal consequences.

All the controversies surrounding his films garnered considerable attention in the media and on social media platforms.

However, when the film "Vyooham" was eventually released, all the hype vanished in an instant. It received overwhelmingly negative reviews and reactions, even from members of the YSRC party.

The film performed disastrously at the box office. Within just one day, it faded from everyone's memory.

Considering the spectacular failure of the first part, who would bother about the second part "Sapatham"? This is precisely the dilemma RGV is confronted with.

There is no anticipation for the release of the second part. Additionally, RGV is uncertain about the film's release date, previously stated to be March 8th.

Currently, it remains unknown. Even if it does premiere next week, "Sapatham" will likely attract no attention.

Furthermore, the election schedule will be announced next week, rendering this film inconsequential in Andhra Pradesh.


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