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New Twist In Sushanth's Death Case

New Twist In Sushanth's Death Case

Sushanths death case is taking a new turn. The ambulance attendant who brought the body of Sushanth to hospital from his residence has revealed some insights to a news correspondent.

Now that testimony is being considered as one of the crucial elements to decode what actually has happened. 

The ambulance attendant said, "The body turned yellowish when I first saw. Had it been only hanging, the color of the body wouldn't change. There should be foam from the mouth. But I have seen no foam at all.  When someone hangs, the mark should be around the neck. But that is seen only on the front side". 

These points are rising doubts and leading to imagination of what might have happened. 

The attendant also said, "His legs were bent. He might have kicked the legs after hanging. But he cannot bend them. How can anyone's legs be bent after hanging? I have also noticed a mark on one of his legs". 

Sushanth was seen hanging on June 14, and the case is now in the hands of CBI. Already cases were booked on Rhea Chakraborthy and all of her family members and two friends under different sections including abetment to suicide and theft in dwelling house.

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