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Naresh Gives rebuttal to Srikanth's Remarks

Naresh Gives rebuttal to Srikanth's Remarks

Senior actor VK Naresh is fuming with the remarks made against him by actor Srikanth Meka. In the latest video, Naresh gave a counter to Srikanth. Asking Srikanth to give sound bites properly, Naresh explained his version.

Srikanth recently slammed Naresh on his video message about Sai Dharam Tej’s accident.

Srikanth objected to Naresh’s choice of phrases and sentences like ‘overspeeding’ and ‘people who got killed in an accident. 

In his latest video, Naresh said Srikanth should think twice before talking about it. 

“Entamama Srikanth! Why did you give a sound bite in this way? Before opening up your mouth, you should twice. I am born and brought up in the industry. You have done some good films and came up in life. Unfortunately, you contested the MAA elections against my panel last time and lost. You should be careful in giving sound bites,” Naresh began his video.

He further added, “I didn’t mention that Sai Tej was driving rashly or overspeeding. As an elder, we need to tell our children to be careful while driving. I have only listed out the unfortunate accidents that happened in the film industry, I didn’t mention the names of persons who were killed (in road accidents). Sai Tej’s accident took place because of the sand and mud on the road. I was clear about that. Don’t act over smart.”

In the upcoming MAA elections, Naresh is lending support to the Manchu Visnu group, and Srikanth is contesting on the panel led by Prakash Raj.

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