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Nani's Daare Leda: A Heart-warming Song

Nani's Daare Leda: A Heart-warming Song

Working under the toughest conditions and fighting to save critical patients, is the battle for doctors and other frontline warriors, who are exposing themselves to heavy viral load in the hospitals, during the covid times.

Natural Star Nani has produced a music video titled Daare Leda under Wall Poster Cinema, alongside Chai Bisket.

Satya Dev Kancharana and Roopa Koduvayur who were seen together in Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya have played a doctor couple in the video.

Despite their busy schedules, they plan to celebrate their first wedding anniversary together. It’s a routine that, Satya Dev comes home, when Roopa leaves to hospital and vice versa.

Unfortunately, Satya Dev tests positive for the pandemic on their anniversary and he needs to quarantine himself.

He then asks his wife to go to hospital, which depicts the dedication of doctors.

The song also features Nani in a cameo, as he appeals people to wear mask.

Daare Leda is a heart-wrenching song, whereas Satya Dev and Roopa represent every doctor who is putting his/her own lives at risk with selfless determination for the sake of saving lives.

The song is scored by Vijay Bulganin, whereas KK has penned the lyrics.

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