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My Character Name Is Peddha Kapu: Virat Karrna

My Character Name Is Peddha Kapu: Virat Karrna

Virat Karrna is debuting as a hero with the film Peddha Kapu-1 directed by Srikanth Addala and produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy on Dwaraka Creations.

Virat in his exclusive interview with us revealed that he was planning to make his debut for more than 6 years.

“My job became easy with my brother-in-law venturing into film production. I took intense training and did a short video. My brother-in-law developed confidence in me, after watching the video. I’m fortunate to work with a director like Srikanth Addala for my very first movie.”

The young hero says the director initially planned to make it as a single movie.

“When he was working on the story, the span and duration were increased. So, he proposed to make it a two-part series. However, you don’t feel incomplete after watching the first part. While I get selected in the first part, I get elected in the second part.”

He also made it clear that the movie won’t talk about the caste system or politics.

“Peddha Kapu is actually the name of my character in the movie.”

Virat reveals that the movie will have a total of 5 action sequences and four songs.

“Peter Hein master choreographed the action part in a realistic manner. I got injured during the shoot of fight sequences, but I enjoyed doing the stunts on my own.”

Virat affirms the second part will most probably begin in October.


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