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More Confusion Over Ram Charan's 'Game Changer'

More Confusion Over Ram Charan's 'Game Changer'

When "Bharateeyudu" was released it was a sensation. After almost two and half decades, the sequel to it is coming up as "Indian-2" which is known to all. 

Initially, nobody expected the Kamal Haasan-Shankar duo to collaborate again, but after the success of Vikram's movie, everything fell into place.

The film's shooting is currently underway, aiming for a summer release in 2024, with the goal of completing the entire shoot by December.

However, there's more to the story. "Indian 3" is also in the works, and surprisingly, its shooting is happening simultaneously with Indian 2.

A few days into the making of Indian 2, Kamal and Shankar discussed the idea of Indian 3. Adjustments were made to the script accordingly, and they decided that by investing an additional 40 days beyond the initial plan, both Indian 2 and Indian 3 could be completed.

Discussions were held with the Lyca company to accommodate this extended shooting schedule. Additional remuneration has been agreed upon for Kamal and Shankar based on these extra days. 

Consequently, both Indian 2 and Indian 3 are being filmed concurrently. This implies that if Indian 2 releases in the summer, Indian 3 will follow after that. 

The intriguing question now is, when will Shankar's "Game Changer" movie with Ram Charan in the production of Dil Raju be unveiled!


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