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Monday Box Office: Liger crashes

Monday Box Office: Liger crashes

Liger opened to considerably good numbers at the Hindi box office given the current box office scenario. 

The film, that was also a big release in Hindi last week, managed to collect Rs. 4.50 crores (Hindi version) on Friday. While the film’s release date was 25th August, it only had limited screen count on Thursday. 

The film saw a drop on Saturday and is estimated to have earned around Rs. 4.15 cr on Saturday.

On Sunday, the film dropped, owing to the much hyped India vs Pakistan match. It still managed to add around Rs. 3.60 cr nett on Sunday, to pack a first weekend of Rs. 13.25 cr.

The film dropped majorly on its first Monday, to collect Rs. 1.25 cr for the Hindi version. The drop vis-à-vis Friday is more than 60 percent, which is never really good, regardless of how high or low the collections are.

The film was estimated to be valued at Rs. 100 cr and based on the trend of the film, it will struggle to do even Rs. 30 cr worldwide.

The film is a losing fare for all investors, especially in the Telugu states. It is to be seen if producers rise up to the occasion to bear some losses or not.


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