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MMC Trailer: Very Relatable And Incredibly Funny!

MMC Trailer: Very Relatable And Incredibly Funny!

Meeku Mathrame Cheptha has grabbed the attention of film lovers with its quirky promos. The trailer will only add to the buzz around the film produced by Vijay Deverakonda.

The film is about a leaked video of a regular guy (Tarun Bhaskar) who is about to get hitched soon. There are more than a couple of hints about what kind of video it is.

Vennela Kishore's voiceover and the hilarious dialogue in the trailer will leave you in splits and make you wait for the film.

Tarun Bhaskar looks very impressive as the guy who is caught in a storm. The last dialogue where he says that he wants to disappear and it would be handy if there is a skip button in life like we have for YouTube videos is howlarious.

We can understand why Vijay Deverakonda has backed this idea. Directed by Shameer Sultan the film looks extremely promising with a super fun setup and relatable characters.

This trailer will surely grab more attention and bring youngsters in big numbers to the theaters. Vijay sure has a winner on hands.


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