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Manjummel Boys Creates History in North America

Manjummel Boys Creates History in North America

The electrifying sensation straight from India to Overseas - Manjummel Boys is breaking records left and right, it has made history in North America by soaring past the incredible milestone of $1 Million dollars. It's the FIRST Malayalam film to achieve this monumental feat.

Manjummel Boys is on track to become the highest grosser of Malayalam cinema worldwide. And get this - it's doing it all without any big stars. This is a triumph of talent, storytelling, and sheer cinematic magic!

Even in its third week, Manjummel Boys continues to dominate screens across North America, with new locations being added every week. This film transcends language barriers. Audiences of all tongues are flocking to experience its magic, proving once and for all that great cinema knows no bounds.

It's a family affair! With a clean, family-friendly rating, Manjummel Boys is the ultimate movie night destination for everyone. And don't worry if Malayalam isn't your native tongue - English subtitles ensure that every captivating moment is crystal clear.

But here's the catch: to truly immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring cinematography, pulse-pounding soundtrack, and overall cinematic spectacle, you've got to experience it on the BIG screen. Trust us, it's an experience like no other!

Please keep checking theater websites for latest showtimes as new shows are being added, now's the time to secure your tickets and witness the phenomenon that is Manjummel Boys. Don't miss out—grab your tickets now.

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