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Manjummel Boys: a must watch in theatre!

Manjummel Boys: a must watch in theatre!

Malayalam Cinema Always Impresses Telugu movie lovers, whether via OTT or Theatre release. Currently two Malayalam movie are making waves, ‘Premalu’, and ‘Manjummel Boys’, between these two, those who Appreciate emotional narratives will find ‘Manjummel Boys’ captivating.

I have watched Manjummel Boys, on the recommendation of a friend from Kerala. This movie has an engaging storyline infused with Traditional and Unique flavour of Kerala cinema that keeps the audience surprised. 

What makes Malayalam industry special? How this film Industry introduces fresh storylines and present them with modern Perspectives, garnering applause? Once you watched Manjummel Boys certain questions may arise.

Perhaps, Malayalam Star heroes Mohanlal and Mammootty have inspired young filmmakers in the industry resulting in numerous exceptional Malayalam films. Hence, good Malayalam films are finding their way into our hearts!

Speaking of ‘Manjummel Boys’, it is a movie that touches upon different emotions, from joy to sorrow! The movie beautifully portrays the complexities of human relationships and emotions that with them.

The story is about 10 Kerala Boys who go on a pleasure tour to Kodaikanal. During their tour they make a mistake which leads to one of the getting into deep trouble. Then the story revolves around how the other guys react to the situation. The plot may seem simple, but the movie Director Chidambaram deserves applause for discovering profound depths within the script!

It is an emotional journey that exposes the vulnerabilities in human nature! The film’s  strength lies in its ability to depict the human conditions, making them relatable and touching! ‘Manjummel Boys’ is a perfect blend of emotions and realism, keeps the audience engaged for the entire duration of around 2 hour 35 minutes.

The actors deliver remarkable performances, the meticulous cinematography brilliantly complement the narrative, making the film a must-watch in theatre! 

This movie has a subtle connection with the Telugu Audience, Kamal Haasan’s film ‘Guna’ was a musical hit in Telugu and Tamil languages, which was made in the both languages. The Tamil version of Ilayaraja’s famous song “Priyathamaa neevachata kushalama….” Has been used in the movie at appropriate time.

In conclusion, this is a film that sparks discussion about hope, courage and human spirit! Successfully brings out the nuances of relationships and portrays them in a way that resonates with the audience. May be this film will soon be available on OTT platforms but it is definitely a movie worth to watch on the big screen! The cinematography, coupled with the engaging narrative makes the movie a cinematic triumph!

PS: Last year, we watched a movie about the Kerala floods that occurred in 2018. now "Manjummel Boys". Both of these movies reminded me of the famous story collection "Amaravathi Kathalu" by Satyam Sankarmanchi. While these types of stories are available in written form in Telugu, they are presented on screen in Malayalam. The common theme in the book and these movies is the resilience of the human spirit!

Jeevan Reddy B


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