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Keeravaani! Why Oscar Credit To Ramoji Rao?

Keeravaani! Why Oscar Credit To Ramoji Rao?

A celebrity's speech has a natural flow, especially for individuals like Keeravani who are well-versed in literature.

Not only does he excel in composing music, but his speech also has a melodious tone. However, if the rhythm is lost, the speech can be as unpleasant as a cacophony. This is what happened during Keeravani's speech at the congratulatory meeting for RRR yesterday.

Initially, Keeravani began his speech on a positive note. He acknowledged that he and Chandrabose were mere figureheads, and that the true credit belonged to Rajamouli and Prem Rakshit.

This statement holds some truth; while providing a captivating melody for a song is essential, incorporating captivating dance moves is equally important. It was these moves that made the song transcend language barriers and become universally popular.

However, when Keeravani said, "My wife says if I live, I will have to live like Ramoji Rao at least for one day," it felt out of place. This comment lacked context. Even if Keeravani had begun his story about meeting Ramoji, he would not have lost his rhythm. He suddenly changed his course, making it seem as though his comment was irrelevant.

Keeravaani continued, "Ramoji Rao garu asked us to bring Oscar. His value for Oscar was so high. I realized that Oscar has a value only after he said that. At a moment, I thought that I should win an Oscar at least for Ramoji Rao's sake."

Why this out-of-the-blue talk? Did Rajamouli spend crores without knowing what was happening? Did Keeravani think that Ramoji Rao deserved a share of the credit? Did Keeravani deliberately choose the wrong tone to abruptly support Ramoji Rao and convey his greatness in light of recent events in Andhra Pradesh?

This has become a topic of discussion owing to his 'community' factor, and some visitors cracked jokes stating that 'they' are known for attributing the credit of something big either to CBN or Ramoji Rao.


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