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Karthi Demanding Big Money for Donga

Karthi Demanding Big Money for Donga

Karthi has scored a huge hit with “Khaidi”. The film collected nearly Rs 8 crores of share in the Telugu states. The return on investment is more than double for the producer.

Before the release of “Khaidi”, Telugu rights were giving Karthi mere Rs 3 or 3.5 crore. He is now demanding 7 to 8 crores. 

Karthi’s upcoming release is “Donga” that stars his ‘vadina’ Jyothika as well.

The Tamil producers of “Donga” are demanding Rs 8 crore for the Telugu rights. That means they are seeking a total share of ‘Khaidi’. He is cashing in on the newfound craze.

Karthi had delivered bigger hits than “Khaidi” but in the recent past, the market for dubbed movies went bust. Karthi’s films also started failing.

Only ‘Khaki’ and ‘Khaidi” have brought in good money.

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