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Kamal Had Tears After Watching Manjummel Boys

Kamal Had Tears After Watching Manjummel Boys

Manjummel Boys lead cast and crew is in the city to promote the movie. Mythri Movie Makers is releasing this Malayalam industry hit in the Telugu states.

The team in an exclusive interview with shared a few interesting aspects about the movie.

Director Chidambaram says there were a lot of obstacles during the making of the movie.

“These kinds of films are tough to shoot. At one point in time, I scolded myself for picking such a challenging subject. Finally, I’m relieved to see such a huge response in Malayalam and I hope the movie will reach 300 Cr, after the release of the Telugu version.”

Manjummel Boys say Kamal turned very emotional, after watching the movie.

“Kamal sir had tears in his eyes, after watching the movie. It’s the greatest gift we all got. He took it as his own movie. It’s inspiring to see somebody like him still going full-on and encouraging kids like us.”

Director Chidambaram says they didn’t put many things in the movie from what actually happened during the rescue operation.

“The police took money from the boys as well. We can’t just blame the police. What these boys (Manjummel Boys) did was also very bad. They shouldn’t have trespassed in the restricted area. Lots of murders, suicides, accidents, etc. happened there. We cut a lot of things because the narrative didn’t need it.”

Sreenath Bhasi who played one of the lead roles revealed that the guy Subhash who fell in the pit was traumatized and couldn’t fully share his experiences.

“Subhash Anna is a tall guy with bulky figure. I don’t look like him. But I wanted to portray his emotions from the real incident.”

Director Chidambaram disclosed that 4 Cr was spent to build the cave, wherein the total budget was around 20 Cr. 

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