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July Box Office: Strong Small Film- Weak Big Film

July Box Office: Strong Small Film- Weak Big Film

During the month of June, a highly anticipated big movie turned out to be a disappointment, while a small movie without any expectations became a surprising super hit. This pattern repeated in July as well.

The movie "Bro" carried high expectations but failed to meet them, whereas the movie "Baby," with no prior expectations, became a hit and impressed the audience.

In the first week of July, around six films were released, but only one movie, "Rangabali," starring Naga Shaurya as the hero, had any significant expectations.

Despite heavy promotions, "Rangabali" failed to impress the audience due to a mix of hilarious comedy in the first half and a lack of entertainment in the second half.

Other movies released during this time, such as "Circle," "O Sathiya," "Rudrangi," "Gang Leader," and "7:11 PM," also turned out to be flops, despite some of them being heavily promoted.

The second week saw the rise of "Baby." Although the movie had some flaws, its dialogues and certain scenes resonated well with the youth, leading to its success.

The film's targeted approach towards the youth audience proved fruitful, resulting in substantial profits for the producer SKN and marking Anand Deverakonda's first theatrical success.

Additionally, "Nayakadu," a dubbed movie featuring Vadivelu and Udayanidhi, failed to impress the audience.

In the third week, a movie festival kind of atmosphere was seen in theaters with nine movie releases, but none of them managed to leave a significant impact.

Among them, "Hidimba" was heavily promoted, starring Ashwin Babu and Nandita Shweta, but failed to impress due to a lack of logic and an unconvincing screenplay.

Several other movies, including "Hathya" starring Vijay Antony, "HER" starring Ruhani Sharma, "Annapoorna Photostudio" starring Chaitanya Rao, and "Detective Karthik," also turned out to be flops.

The reason for the abundance of releases in the third week was "Bro." The movie "Bro," starring Pawan Kalyan and Saitej, hit theaters at the end of July. It was a remake of the Tamil movie "Vinodaya Shitham," but unfortunately, it failed to live up to expectations.

The film attempted to incorporate elements to please Pawan's fans, including songs from his old movies and a touch of politics. However, unnecessary scenes unrelated to the plot, added to humiliate a YCP leader, resulted in disappointment for the audience. Additionally, the songs by Thaman were not impressive, contributing to the movie's lack of desired success.

Along with "Bro," another movie called "Slum Dog Husband," starring Brahmaji's son Sanjay Rao, was also released and failed to make an impact.

Out of the 23 films released in July, only "Baby" managed to achieve profits, while the revenue of "Bro" was yet to be determined in the coming days.


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