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Item Girl Says No To Heroine Roles

Item Girl Says No To Heroine Roles

Usually, aspiring actresses in the industry eagerly await opportunities to play lead roles. Rarely does anyone turn down such a chance.

If these opportunities don't arise, some might consider performing in item songs. However, in the case of actress Urvashi Rautela, she openly states her preference for item songs over lead roles.

Urvashi Rautela, currently making waves in Tollywood, often finds herself approached for item songs whenever a big movie is in the making.

Despite her growing popularity, some filmmakers express interest in casting her as the main heroine. Surprisingly, she declines these offers, having her own reasons.

Urvashi believes that performing an item song with a renowned hero under a big production banner is more favorable than being the lead in a movie with a lesser-known hero under a smaller banner. She provides a logical reasoning behind this decision.

She is concerned that if she commits to a movie as the leading lady and it fails, the fame she gained as an item performer might diminish. Moreover, she worries that such a setback might reduce her chances of receiving more offers to perform item songs.

The discussion also extends to remuneration. Urvashi's payment for performing an item song is on the higher side. In contrast, whatever she is offered for a heroine role is slightly higher.

Due to this, she prefers item songs over heroine roles, considering the number of working days and the corresponding remuneration she receives.


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