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Is Nani Really Happy with 'Hi Nanna'?

Is Nani Really Happy with 'Hi Nanna'?

The theatrical run of "Hi Nanna" concluded, as "Salaar" assumed control at the box office in all locations.

Only "Salaar" is enjoying full occupancy in the Telugu states, while other films are unable to generate any revenue.

“Hi Nanna" hit the theaters on December 7 and had a run for two weeks. Has it been successful? Is the film financially lucrative?

The film proved to be successful both in the United States and the Nizam area. But many regions of Andhra Pradesh barely reached the break-even point.

But Nani seemed to be content with the reception of this film. He believes it earned him a good name. He is projecting it as a “good and warm film”.

Although the industry has exhibited varying reactions to his film, he is currently rejoicing in even the little successes.


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