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India BO: Hanu-Man is a Winner, NSR Starts Well

India BO: Hanu-Man is a Winner, NSR Starts Well

The Sankranthi box office witnessed intense competition, with four films vying against each other.

Despite the tough rivalry, a smaller film emerged victorious, while only three films managed to generate substantial revenue. Venkatesh-starrer "Saindhav" turned out to be a flop.

On the other hand, "Hanu-Man," released as a pan-Indian project, has proven to be a true success. Within four days, it amassed a nett collection of Rs 55.85 crore, a significant achievement considering its budget and range.

The Telugu version contributed around Rs 39 crore, and the Hindi version earned Rs 15 crore, with the majority of revenue coming from these two versions. However, the Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam versions did not perform as well in terms of revenue.

Overall, "Hanu-Man" has already become a box office success.

Hanu-Man – 4 Days: Total Revenue – Rs 55.85 Cr (Telugu: Rs 39.38 Cr; Hindi: Rs 15.75 Cr; Tamil: Rs 0.33 Cr; Kannada: Rs 0.31 Cr; Malayalam: Rs 0.08 Cr)

On the first day, "Guntur Kaaram" had a wide release in nearly every theater in Hyderabad. It continued to be screened in as many theaters as possible on the second and third days.

However, negative reviews and mixed reactions led to a decline in revenue on the second day. Despite a slight increase on Sunday and Monday due to festival days, the film is yet to reach the Rs 100 crore nett mark.

Guntur Kaaram (Telugu) – 4 days: Total Revenue – Rs 83.40 Cr (Nett)

"Naa Saami Ranga," released on January 14th, is experiencing decent collections, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. The Nagarjuna-starrer generated Rs 10.70 crore nett in two days, with expectations of further additions in the coming days.


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