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Ileana's 80 Day Challenge And Emotional Times

Ileana's 80 Day Challenge And Emotional Times

The Covid Pandemic has changed the entire structure of life and lifestyle for many and first in that list is the film industry professionals.

From a predominantly active and outdoor lifestyle, everyone got stuck at several places and going through their share of challenges.

At the same time, there are also those who took the initiative to make things positive for themselves and others.

One among them is Ileana. She took up a 80 day fitness challenge and completed it successfully.

Sharing her thoughts, the pretty damsel reportedly revealed she was in the US during the lockdown time and at the first opportunity she flew to Mumbai.

The moment she saw her family she broke down and mentioned seeing them after many months.

Ileana reportedly added coming back to home was liberating and it was as if she could breathe again.

On work front, she wrapped up the shoot for the movie ‘The Big Bull’ alongside Abhishek Bachchan. Later, she went to Karnal to pair up with Randeep Hooda for the film ‘Unfair And Lovely’ a rom-com.

Speaking about it, Ileana mentioned she has been taking a lot of inputs to get her accent in typical Haryanvi style. The story revolves around the country’s obsession with fair skin and it has been dealt in a humorous way. 

Once finishing her work, Ileana flew back to the US but then she has been keeping her fans busy through her Instagram and her fitness diaries.

She also said she has learnt to accept her ‘beautifully flawed’ body and added she is quite vocal about this issue.

In her words, Ileana reportedly said, “If I look in the mirror and see that I am a bit lumpy, I should be okay with it as it is normal. It’s okay to have a little bump, some scars too, as they add to your character, make you who you are. One needs to be forgiving towards oneself, understand that we were not meant to be perfectly sculpted statues. We are flawed and imperfect as that is what makes us who we are.”

As for the 80 days fitness challenge, Ileana mentioned the documentation was to inspire and motivate others to take up fitness and it was also a trigger for her to do better and look fitter.

The fact that she was home alone for several months and the emotional loneliness made her take up the challenge and now she is saying she is ready for the next one.

Here’s wishing Ileana the best of success!

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