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Hyderi's Take On OTTs And Theatres

Hyderi's Take On OTTs And Theatres

Aditi Rao Hydari’s recent Telugu film, V, has expressed her views of OTTs and movie theatres. 

It is known that theatre owners are pleading for theatres reopening. Same is the appeal of Aditi Rao Hyderi as well who says that nothing comes closer to experiencing the film in theatre. 

“A lot of the films are made for theatres and theatres cannot be compared to any other experience. It is a very special experience. It is very magical and immersive. You cannot compare,” she shares.

But many films during the past six months have fallen prey to the shutdown of theatres and had to opt for OTT releases. One of Hydari’s recent films, V, which was originally meant for a theatrical release, also made its way online. 

“Some films can only be enjoyed in a theatre like my latest V but having said that I am very happy considering that the audiences were waiting for the film, and also how we must safeguard our producers etc, I am sure we made the right decision to go to an OTT. But theatre is always special to me,” the actor says.

But she didn't say that OTTs are not good for the film industry. She said that OTTs do have  a good role to play. 

She shared that OTTs have been a massive help to the viewers and to the industry amid this pandemic. 

“However, OTTs are here to stay and it is very relevant especially for us through the lockdown considering the amount of entertainment we have got via OTT. Also being able to rewatch a film and the reach that it has,” she points out.


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