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Hyderabad: RTC X-Roads Loses Its Charisma?

Hyderabad: RTC X-Roads Loses Its Charisma?

RTC X-Roads is a favorite place for cine lovers. It used to be the center of the movie theater business in Telugu states. The fans of all big stars used to hang out here.

Before the onset of multiplexes, RTX X-Roads, the area consisting of about 8 single theaters, had seen a festive atmosphere for every new release.

Releasing in these theaters was a prestige issue for top stars. Until a few months ago, this was the regular scene.

But the theaters are slowly losing the charm. After COVID-19, the activity here has drastically gone down.

While multiplex theaters are still witnessing footfalls, the RTC X-Roads are struggling to attract audiences to the theaters. Audiences are moving to multiplexes now.

The scene has not changed in the past three months. Even on the day of the big release, the numbers are low.

If a film gets positive talk, the numbers are increasing. But on the first day, the theaters are not showing much occupancy.

Will RTC X-Roads regain the glory?

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