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How Many Cigarettes Rashmika Smokes In A Day?

How Many Cigarettes Rashmika Smokes In A Day?

Tollywood actress Rashmika once openly said that she loves to drink wine with tandoori pork.

She recently came on to a live chat with fans on social media in which she encountered a question on her smoking habit.

A fan asked, "How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?".

To this Rashmika answered with patience saying that she never smokes. She also confessed that she hates if anybody around smokes.

Apart from this smoking topic she also revealed that she is a polyglot who can speak 6 languages easily. When asked what is required for  a heroine between fitness and expression, she answered that the ability to work hard is the primary prerequisite for any heroine.

Right now she is acting in Pushpa with Bunny and said that she loves to dance with that star. She says that she lives in a positive atmosphere because of her parents, sister and friends. Right now she is doing two films in Bollywood.


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