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Heroine Pays Rs 6.78 Lakh As Monthly Rent

Heroine Pays Rs 6.78 Lakh As Monthly Rent

Mumbai is the city that has the extremes with regard to the people's lifestyle.

While there are lakhs of people living at Rs 500 per month rental in a small stinking room of the Dharavi area, there are also affluent celebrities and businesses who find not a completely satisfied house to live even by shelling out a few lakhs of rupees as rent. 

We are talking about actress Jaqueline Fernandaz, the Sri Lankan beauty turned Bollywood actress who shifted into a new house by paying Rs 6.78 Lakh (US$ 9333) as monthly rent. 

This was the house in which Priyanka and Nick lived for some time. Jaqueline took the fourth and fifth floors of the building on a three years lease.


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