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Heroine Enthralled With Classical Dance

Heroine Enthralled With Classical Dance

Sreeleela is renowned for her dances. Recently, she turned the attention of the audience with her dance moves for "Kurchi Madathapetti..." song.

This talented artist has garnered a multitude of fans with her captivating dances even earlier. However, this is just one side of her talent. 

Sreeleela has been immersed in classical dance since childhood, mastering its intricacies over the years. She has graced many temple stages with her performances and transitioned eventually to the silver screen.

After nearly 15 years, Sreeleela returned to her roots, showcasing the classical dance she had honed throughout her life.

Her portrayal of Godadevi on a stage mesmerized the audience, reaffirming her prowess in the art form.

"I'm not sure if many are aware, but classical dance is ingrained in me. My journey began at a tender age, performing in temple troupes. Our ensemble was known as Ballet. This is an aspect of me that remains lesser-known", shared Sreeleela. 

Encouraged by veteran actress and classical dancer Manju Bhargavi, Sreeleela resumed her practice of classical dance, culminating in a triumphant stage performance after a hiatus of almost 15 years.

Reflecting on the experience, she expressed her newfound joy in returning to the art form she holds close to her heart.

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