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Heroes! Please Support Nandyala Ravi

Heroes! Please Support Nandyala Ravi

Heroism means not just romancing on screen and participating in action episodes with dupes and graphics support.

The real hero can be someone like Sonu Sood. We know what kind of heroes Tollywood is filled with. 

Now coming to the point, Nandyala Ravi, the writer, is suffering from Covid-19. Some close people responded and admitted him to the hospital.

So far the director Sri Vasu and the people related to the banner of Ira Creations are looking after the hospital affairs in this case. The writer is coming out from danger slowly. 

But the point is there is a pending bill of about Rs 7 lakh. Who will pay this?

The writer's family is not wealthy enough to bear this. If all the existing heroes can give Rs 50,000 each, the issue can be solved easily. Or else, at least the bill can be settled through CCC. But who will initiate this?

Will it be sufficient to support to an extent of Rs 40,000 with plasma donation?

This is the time the Tollywood biggies open their eyes and support the poor technicians who are affected with Covid and struggling in hospitals.

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