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Hero About His Breakup With Rashmika

Hero About His Breakup With Rashmika

Four years ago, Kannada actor Rakshit Shetty and actress Rashmika were planning to get married. All the preparations and discussions were in place. However, during this time, Rashmika gained popularity in Tollywood and decided to call off the marriage with Rakshit.

The details of what led to the cancellation of their marriage remain unknown to the public. However, questions lingered about the status of Rakshit and Rashmika's relationship following their breakup. Did Rakshit manage to move on from the pain of the separation?

Recently, Rakshit addressed this matter once again. He emphasized that it's not right to harbor hatred towards someone simply because they have differing opinions or choices.

He stressed the importance of respecting each person's individuality and not carrying the burden of hatred.

"It's not appropriate to hate someone just because we have disagreements. Everyone has their own personality, and we should respect that. There's no need to harbor hatred over differing views. When we don't see eye to eye, it's best to let go and move forward in life. Moreover, carrying that pain serves no purpose. It only weighs us down and can hinder our future plans. In the journey of life, such burdens are futile; it's better to let them go."

Rakshit indirectly indicated that he has moved on from his breakup with Rashmika. However, he also acknowledged that it's not easy to overcome such emotional pain.

"Forgetting the trauma and releasing the burden from one's mind can be extremely challenging. But if you approach it with the right perspective, it becomes easier to let go. Some people take a long time to heal and move on from such pain or burdens. Others grasp it more quickly and free themselves from the emotional weight. I managed to do so relatively swiftly."

Rakshit also mentioned that he and Rashmika are still on friendly terms. They extend best wishes to each other when their films are released and exchange birthday greetings.

Rakshit emphasized that they stay in touch. It remains to be seen whether this recent statement from the actor will reduce trolling and criticism directed at Rashmika.

Currently, Rakshit has released his work titled "Sapta Sagaralu Daati," which has garnered critical acclaim.


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