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Harish Shankar Unfollows PR Team

Harish Shankar Unfollows PR Team

Director Harish Shankar must be under pressure with so many worries about his current film “Valmiki” as it is having competition from Nani’s “Gang Leader” on September 13. Moreover, he is easily irascible.

When his previous film “DJ” received mixed reviews, he slammed the media on the stage and later repented. 

He did the same. It is said that Harish Shankar is now not following his PR team on social media. This is a strange decision.

He is said to have miffed with the team for supporting hero Varun Tej in a matter regarding this film. The team is hoping that he would change his mind after a while.

He easily gets disappointed with people when they don’t agree with his point of view.

Harish also ran into controversies with the movie’s title as a community named Valmiki is raising objections over the film’s name.

Harish also lost his cool when some of the representatives from the community came to him to tell their displeasure. Cooldown Harish!


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