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'Guntur Kaaram': Most Trolled Film After Pandemic

'Guntur Kaaram': Most Trolled Film After Pandemic

There used to be wild trolls and memes on social media before the pandemic era. However, in the post-pandemic period, the film that has faced the most trolling is 'Guntur Kaaram,' with overwhelming memes circulating widely.

In fact, there are no trolls directly targeting Mahesh Babu, but both Trivikram and Thaman have been subjected to heavy doses of criticism. 

The reasons are evident. The songs released before the film's release received backlash from the audience for lacking the required quality. Adding to that Lyricist Ramajogayya's audacious and mindless responses on Twitter, where he referred to fans as 'dogs,' added considerable nuisance value to the film. Had he remained silent, the damage might have been somewhat under control. However, since a lyricist is a relatively minor figure in the film landscape, fans and the general audience directed their frustration towards Thaman and Trivikram. Thus, a lyricist contributed enough to the fans' anger on the film. 

Additionally, netizens widely believed that the small-budget film 'Hanu-man' was suppressed by the big film 'Guntur Kaaram,' leading to unwanted negativity. This is another reason for aggressive trolling of the film comparing the performance with Hanu-man. 

The underlying moral here is that when the big fish preys on the small fish, the audience, being the ultimate judge, can even turn the tables by catching the big fish with their trolling antics. Here the big fish is Guntur Kaaram and small fish in Hanu-man.


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