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Flashback Episodes for RRR Stars

Flashback Episodes for RRR Stars

Flashback episodes are essential elements in the majority of big-budget Indian films, and "RRR" is no exception, featuring a lengthy flashback. 

Currently, Ram Charan and NTR, the stars of "RRR," are working on separate projects, "Game Changer" and "Devara," respectively.

We have exclusive information that both of these films will include lengthy flashback sequences.

Director Siva Koratala reportedly wrote an important backstory for NTR's role in "Devara," which promises to be an engrossing watch. 

According to our sources, Koratala Siva believes that this flashback episode will be the main highlight of "Devara," and he is currently filming the sequences for it.

"Game Changer" marks Shankar's Telugu debut, but he did not write the script himself. Instead, he adapted a story by another Tamil director, Karthik Subbaraju, for Ram Charan's character.

The flashback episode in "Game Changer" is connected to Ram Charan's mission in the story.

Interestingly, Ram Charan plays both the father and son roles in this film, appearing as the father in the flashback episode.


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