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First Look: Pawan Kalyan In RGV's Film

First Look: Pawan Kalyan In RGV's Film

Ram Gopal Varma is known for criticising Pawan Kalyan. This director has not only criticized Pawan but also made films featuring him.

In the past, Pawan Kalyan appeared in two films produced by RGV, and one of them titled "Power Star" was even made entirely on him. Now, once again, Varma has included Pawan's character in his upcoming movie.

Recently, RGV shared a photo on his Twitter account, asking for opinions on the character in his film "Vyooham." The photo provides a clear glimpse of the character's identity.

With Varma's recent post, it has become evident that Pawan Kalyan will also be playing a role in the film "Vyooham".

Varma had previously released a video related to this movie, which aims to depict Jagan's journey after his father's sudden demise and his political career.

As part of this narrative, it seems that Varma intends to shed light on the criticisms faced by the TDP and the Jana Sena, how Jagan confronted them, and his rise to the position of Chief Minister. In this context, Varma has incorporated the role of Pawan Kalyan into his film.

Varma depicted Pawan Kalyan lying on the ground, with a red scarf around his neck and gesturing as if counting something.

Upon seeing this still, Pawan's fans immediately expressed their anger towards Varma. It is known that Varma takes such criticism very light.


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