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Film Maker Bypasses Critics' Screening

Film Maker Bypasses Critics' Screening

Filmmaker R. Balki's thriller movie 'Chup: Revenge of the Artist', was recently screened first for the audience before the critics. The free audience screening was held across 10 Indian cities.

All tickets were booked within 10 minutes of its opening. The idea behind this move was in line with the film's theme which tells the story of a disgruntled artiste, who turns into a serial killer after his work is singularly panned by the critics.

The artiste in the film goes on a killing spree as he murders the critics and as a signature, leaves a 'star' mark on their bodies resembling the numbers of stars which critics often give to films or shows.

The reason behind the prior screening for the audience was to let the audience experience the film with an uncoloured opinion as Balki, who has often expressed his dissatisfaction with critics in the past, feels that most critics start creating misleading scenarios around a film with their almost paid ratings to malign the urge to watch.

The director had told Boxoffice Worldwide: "What I thought was that when you want to show people a film, or any product for that matter, like a chair, you display your product. I felt people can just watch the film and have their opinion."

He further mentioned: "Finally, a film is made for the audience. We usually show it to everybody else first and then the audience, this time it will be them first and then the critics and the industry. We invited so many guests for our first screening, so why not the audience."


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