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Fact Sheet: Caste Feeling Behind 2 Acres Land?

Fact Sheet: Caste Feeling Behind 2 Acres Land?

The TDP-aligned media house, in its daily news publication, wrote that "Yatra2" director Mahi V Raghav is a "Reddy" as if it's a groundbreaking discovery. 

It mentioned that due to this "manodu" feeling (same caste feeling), he made "Yatra-2". 

Well, who asked about the caste of Jagarlkamudi Radha Krishna "Chowdary" aka Krish when he directed the films NTR-Kathanayakudu and NTR-Mahanayakudu? 

Similarly, who bothered about the caste of Boyapati Srinivas "Chowdary" when he was contracted for TDP Ads in 2019?

And of course, who is K Raghavendra Rao 'Chowdary', who obtained prime land at KBR Park junction to build a studio and has now constructed a commercial complex there?

Who are Murali Mohan, Ashwini Dutt and all who got benefitted from Chandrababu's earlier government with the same "manodu feeling"!

The news snippet states that Mahi V Raghav was given 2 acres of land in Madanapalle worth Rs 20 Cr. Poor readers tend to believe this without checking the facts. The said land is actually worth only Rs 2 Cr. Would anybody make a film worth Rs 50 Cr to acquire land worth only Rs 2 Cr? 

The purpose of this land is also not mentioned in clear in the news. 

Giving explanation to this smear campaign, Mahi V Raghav gave an explanation starting with- "I hail from the Madanapalle in Rayalaseema region, but the place has never been the first choice for films or shootings". 

He continued to say- "I have shot the films like Siddha Lokam Elavundi, Yatra 2 and Shaitan in Rayalaseema region (Madanapalle, Pulivendula and Kadapa). We have spent close to 25 cr on the films shootings and other operating and production costs locally for the three said films thereby generating employment locally and also facilitating business for the vendors’ in all spheres of life". 

He also shared, "If I had a business objective then I would have proposed asking for land in Vizag or another developing city, and not a backward region like Rayalaseema. Also, I could have proposed for hundreds of acres, but all we asked for is just 2 acres to set up a mini studio which can be a facilitation centre". 

Finally he concluded- "Over the years nobody from the film industry could do anything for Rayalaseema. I would appreciate the section of media (who are publicizing the reports) to come up with all the facts on how their earlier government allotted lands at various cities (Hyderabad) to those who favored them. So to accuse someone with a wrong intention without checking the facts is unfair".


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