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Exclusive: New Proposal To Pawan Kalyan!

Exclusive: New Proposal To Pawan Kalyan!

It was some time ago when the unexpected addition of the movie "Bro" made its way into Pawan's filmography.

Behind the scenes, Trivikram skillfully navigated the project by putting the other films of Pawan with other makers on hold.

This was a 'Zee Group' production, as the story rights were with them. Despite the People Media name appearing on the screen, the major funding came from the Zee Group from behind.

Now, the company is contemplating producing another film in a similar style.

The group's plan involves making a movie with Pawan Kalyan, once again teaming up with Trivikram Srinivas.

Discussions have already commenced on this front, with both a fresh storyline and a remake option on the table. The strategy is to move forward based on Pawan's preferences.

Besides, as Trivikram is currently available, the production house has proposed to have him direct the film.

Presently, Pawan is on a break from films. While the films "OG," "Harihara Veeramallu," and "Ustad Bhagat Singh" are yet to be completed. No one knows when Pawan would come back to the sets to finish these projects.

Meanwhile, if Trivikram's film goes into production immediately after elections, it could potentially delay one of the aforementioned ongoing projects of Pawan Kalyan.


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