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Eagle: Huge Losses for People Media Factory

Eagle: Huge Losses for People Media Factory

"Eagle" marks another significant flop in Ravi Teja's career. The film experienced a dismal performance at the box office right from its first Monday.

Despite hopes for improved collections during the second weekend, the anticipated surge did not materialize.

The movie is considered a bigger flop compared to Ravi Teja's previous film, "Tiger Nageswara Rao."

Harish Shankar's exaggerated speech at success meet did not benefit the film in any way.

Producer TG Vishwa Prasad currently faces a loss of Rs 25 crore on this project.

People Media Factory has been consistently collaborating with Ravi Teja, with "Mr. Bachchan" being their latest venture under the same banner.

Despite the success of "Dhamaka" featuring Ravi Teja, "Eagle" resulted in losses amounting to Rs 25 crore for the company.


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