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Double ISMART Teaser: Double Dose Of Mass Euphoria

Double ISMART Teaser: Double Dose Of Mass Euphoria

Puri Jagannadh provided a Dimaakikirikiri treat to fans of Ram Pothineni by unveiling a teaser of Double ISMART, on the occasion of the actor’s birthday.

While iSmart Shankar generated mass hysteria, the teaser of Double ISMART alone created a double dose of mass euphoria with every aspect in 2X quantity.

The voiceover, in the beginning, shows the idiotic nature of Ustaad iSmart Shankar alias Double ISMART who has a separate style in dealing with the girls and gangsters.

While he makes romantic advances with girls, he beats his opponents to a pulp. He is extremely energetic and can’t stop himself grooving when he listens to a mass beat.

Sanjay Dutt is a bug bull who is very powerful and influential. The face-off between the two is going to offer a crazy and action-packed ride.

Following the sentiment of iSmart Shankar, Puri planned something much bigger for the sequel with a devotional touch and that works big time.

Puri Jagannadh showed his mark in writing one-liners and showing Ram’s character in a completely mass-appealing manner.

Ram delivered an exceptional performance. His presence and the dialogue delivery in Hyderabadi slang captivate the attention. Sanjay Dutt is presented as a stylish villain, whereas Kavya Thapar looks lovely.

Sam K Naidu and Gianni Gianneli duo have done well with their stylish camera work, whereas Mani Sharma’s background score gives more elevation to Ram’s character.

Produced by Puri and Charmme Kaur, the production values of Puri Connects are first-class.

The teaser has doubled the prospects of the movie which is currently being filmed in Mumbai.


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