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'Don't Take Me as an Inspiration' - Balakrishna

'Don't Take Me as an Inspiration' - Balakrishna

Balakrishna has advised that he should not be taken as an inspiration, but this suggestion is specifically for his son.

Balakrishna advised his son, Mokshagna, not to look up to him as an inspiration, and there is a reason for this.

Speaking from the dais at the pre-release function of Gangs of Godavari, he said, "My son Mokshu should enter the industry with his own identity. He should take inspiration from actors like Vishwak Sen, Sidhu Jonnalagadda, and Adivi Shesh. My fans might be hurt by this, but I have to tell him not to take me as an inspiration. He needs to look up to actors like Vishwak, Sidhu, and Adivi Sesh."

Despite sharing these insights, Balakrishna did not provide any clarity on when Mokshagna will debut.

Shifting his speech to another topic, he mentioned: "I think 20 years ahead. I consider what people will want and I provide it in advance. I am a commodity. Actors have become commodities for people, much like the essential activities in daily life," he continued, speaking in his distinctive style.

Balakrishna shared these thoughts at the pre-release function of Gangs of Godavari. He believes he will always support his son but emphasizes that Mokshagna has much to learn from the young actors in the industry.


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