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Dil Raju: Budget for RC15 Gone Out of Hand

Dil Raju: Budget for RC15 Gone Out of Hand

To put it simply, Shankar is one of India's highest-paid directors. Perhaps the third highest paid director after Rajamouli and Raju Hirani is Shankar.

With Ram Charan by his side, Shankar is currently in New Zealand filming RC15. This is Dil Raju’s 50th film as producer. For this film, however, Shankar will not be receiving a hefty salary.

Dil Raju admitted that he and Shankar settled on a specific sum. Instead of a large salary, Shankar will receive a percentage of the company's profits.

Since "RRR" was so widely successful across India, the pairing of Shankar and Ram Charan undoubtedly generated craze and it will do a huge pre-release business.

Shankar will still be well compensated by his share, despite the fact that he will not be receiving his regular salary.

In addition, Dil Raju confirmed that the film's budget went over the allotted amount.


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