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DID WE KILL SPB with our selfishness?

DID WE KILL SPB with our selfishness?

Perhaps the most depressing moment during COVID-19 pandemic was seeing S.P. Balasubramaniam leaving us to the eternal world (besides someone losing their loved ones).

But did we lose Him for our selfish interests? The answer to be yes. Else why would someone at the age of 74 have to travel to Hyderabad and partake as a judge for a musical show?

A legend who mesmerized us for over 4 decades with some songs that could last our life times. He who worked towards upliftment of Telugu music is resting for good.

Our sheer ego centric attitude during these Pandemic times of getting glued to the Television sets and getting entertained is one of the reasons that the celebrities are risking their lives.

I get it that they are doing to sustain their families but we are talking about a legend here. The channel, their heads alongside with the common people are to be equally blamed.

There is no second thought that He could have lived fifteen to twenty more years and with His soulful voice we were to be entertained. But His sudden departure and the Pandemic being the reason behind is something that we all should be faulted at.

He maybe resting with eternal peace, but the guilt we carry will last forever not to subside as long as we live.

Long live SPB!

Dallas, TX

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