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Dhamki Became Universal With Her Suggestion

Dhamki Became Universal With Her Suggestion

Hero Vishwak Sen pins high hopes on his latest flick Das Ka Dhamki to be a game-changer in his life. Besides doing the lead role, he directed and produced the movie on a lavish budget.

The actor says he spent everything he earned on Das Ka Dhamki, because of the belief he had in the story.

“Prasanna penned the story and it developed as a big one after we started working together on the script. The scale of Dhamki became universal with the suggestion of Nivetha Pethuraj. She indeed is one of the main strengths.

My father didn’t compromise on the budget. I have so much confidence in the movie that I took many risks. Everyone in the movie will have their own importance. The movie will haunt you, even after coming out of theatres.”

Vishwak Sen also stated that he would continue directing movies, but not frequently.


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