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Deva Katta's Friends Lifting 'Republic' With Cranes

Deva Katta's Friends Lifting 'Republic' With Cranes

Sometimes films are made with good motive and message orientation. That's a welcoming scenario. They may score good at some section of audience but if the engaging factor fails to connect to the audience, they do topple at the box office.

Republic is one such film made by Deva Katta with Saidharam Tej as the main lead. The hero met with accident and many assumed that the sympathy wave helps the openings of the film. But that didnt happen. The openings were average and the subsequent shows didnt get any push. The word of mouth publicity was also weak on the day one. 

Generally the cast and crew of the film and the kith and kin of the hero or director campaign for the film when the word of mouth and collections are reasonably good. Otherwise they go silent.

Surprisingly no hero from the mega camp promoted this film. But Deva Katta's industry friends are lifting the film like never before. Even while lifting, they are not mentioning much about Saidharam but only praising Deva Katta. 

There were a couple of dialogues against the YSRCP government in the film. To say on lighter note, are the people close to Deva Katta assuming that they can trouble the government by making people watch this film in large numbers? 

Or are they really supposing that Deva Katta's image goes to next level with all this? 

Only the content in the film speaks its mettle but not the words of director's friends. Thats the blatant truth.

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