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Corona Backstabbed Chandrababu Media!

Corona Backstabbed Chandrababu Media!

The defeat of Telugu Desam Party in the last elections is one of the worst defeats in the history of the party.

Chandrababu is trying to come out of the defeat slowly. He planned to wage war against the ruling party. But coronavirus has spoiled his plans.

He had to sit at home without any political activity due to corona. But he started conducting zoom meetings in his tech-savvy style to inspire the party leaders and cadre.

Well, the situations turned against him as some party leaders started shifting their loyalties and others are landing in jails.

Chandrababu is not the kind of person who gets disturbed by such developments. The only thing is that he should have media support. 

Coronavirus is literally backstabbing Chandrababu by weakening his media. Otherwise, he would have printed and distributed lakhs of copies in support of TDP. This is not happening because Babu is not in power and pro-TDP media does not have the financial backup.  

A leading newspaper is not going to villages that have a circulation below 20 copies. Another newspaper has decreased its copies.

If they keep on printing lakhs of copies without advertisements, they will incur losses. They are already encountering the problem of shortage of newsprint, additional copies will increase their losses further. 

With the diminishing circulation, even though the pro-TDP media is shouting at top of their pitch, it is not reaching the public. They cannot speak in support of Chandrababu in Telangana. Even though they speak in support of Babu in AP, it will not reach the people.

Chandrababu is like a fish out of water without the support of media.

Political analysts say that his party disappeared from Telangana for the same reason. If pro-TDP media recovers from this coronavirus, then it is going to be okay. Otherwise, Babu and TDP will face tough times in the future if people are habituated to watching TV channels.

On the other hand, Jagan is setting everything right before Corona crisis subsides.

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