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Controversial Post By Telugu Actress

Controversial Post By Telugu Actress

Controversies are not new to her. She opens up so boldly whatever she wishes to say.

The latest post of her pertaining to the lockdown marriages of film celebrities has pulled her again into controversy. 

She posted, "why to marry so hurriedly wearing masks? Are they not confident of their love interests? Can't they wait till the lockdown is over?"

When she was asked if she is commenting on Nikhil's marriage, she said, "I don't know" and skipped the topic. 

She also gave some clarity stating that while the poor and the middle class people are sitting at homes, the film celebs are marrying with masks. Many netizens are feeling that the she has commented about Nikhil and Dil Raju.

This post of Madhavilatha is becoming viral in social media. While some are seconding her opinion, some are denying.

When a few replied to her stating that it is their wish to get married now and why to poke into it, she replied that it is her wish to comment on anything. 

It is known that Nikhil has married Dr Pallavi Varma in the presence of 15 people a couple of days ago. Dil Raju was married to Vygha Reddy last week in similar way.


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