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Chiru admits he burnt his fingers in politics!

Chiru admits he burnt his fingers in politics!

Ever since he completed his Rajya Sabha term last year, mega star and former Union minister for tourism K Chiranjeevi has been completely silent on continuing in politics.

There was a talk that Chiranjeevi had extended behind-the-screen support to his younger brother Pawan Kalyan before the recent elections and had even asked his fans associations to campaign for Jana Sena Party.

There was also a talk that if Pawan Kalyan makes it big in the elections, Chiranjeevi might stage a comeback into politics by joining Jana Sena and consolidate the party.

In order to test the waters, he also sent his second brother Naga Babu into Jana Sena, it was believed.

However, after Jana Sena’s miserable show in politics, Chiranjeevi seem to have completely given up politics and decided to concentrate on films. He also reportedly gave the same advice to Pawan Kalyan.

The latest report is that Chiranjeevi has officially hung his boots in politics. In an interview to a Tamil weekly Ananda Vikatan, the megastar candidly admitted that he had burnt his fingers by entering politics and so did his younger brother Pawan Kalyan.

What is more, he advised his good old friends Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan not to enter politics at all, as it is not their cup of tea.

“I entered politics at a time when I was No. 1 star in the Telugu film industry and was earning crores of rupees. But I could not sustain in politics, because my political rivals had spent crores of rupees,” he said.

Chiranjeevi reminded that he had not in his own native constituency.

“My brother Pawan Kalyan, too, had to face a similar situation due to money power. Unfortunately, present day politics is completely dominated by money power,” he lamented.

The megastar said politics was not a cup of tea for soft persons like him and Rajinikanth.

“If we want to do something for the people sincerely, we cannot do so. If they ask me, I will advice Rajinikanth and Kamala Haasan not to enter politics,” he said.

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