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Chandramukhi 2 Trailer: A Big Disappointment

Chandramukhi 2 Trailer: A Big Disappointment

Creating a sequel to certain movies can be quite challenging, especially when trying to capture the essence of the original.

Director Vasu is gearing up to produce a follow-up to "Chandramukhi," which made waves fifteen years ago. 

However, nearly all the original cast members are absent, with only one notable exception like Vadivelu.

Given that Lawrence is involved in this project, there is a glimmer of hope for something special. Additionally, the inclusion of Kangana Ranaut as the heroine adds to the intrigue.

The trailer for the Telugu version of this movie has recently been unveiled, and it may leave many viewers disappointed. 

Instead of delving into the core horror elements that made "Chandramukhi" famous, the trailer seems tailored primarily for Lawrence's fans.

It fails to convey the spine-chilling atmosphere that the original movie thrived on.

Furthermore, the trailer seems focused on showcasing the entire star cast but lacks any impactful moments. Additionally, Kangana Ranaut is confined to just one brief scene.

When the trailer finally features the character of the actual Chandramukhi, one would expect a surge of excitement and anticipation. However, this pivotal moment is missing from the trailer. 

"Chandramukhi" was renowned for its memorable songs. Though scored by Keeravani, yet none of his work is highlighted in the trailer of Chandramukhi-2. In summary, those who have seen the trailer are thoroughly disappointed.

The film was acquired for a substantial sum of 13 crores plus GST for the Telugu states. Its release is scheduled for the second week of this month.


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