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Buzz: Rajamouli Gives Clarity To Heroes

Buzz: Rajamouli Gives Clarity To Heroes

Opinions are already in circulation that the magnum opus movie on Telugu screen "RRR" may release only in the Sankranthi season of 2022. So, what should the heroes of the film do until then?

The latest news is Rajamouli has given a clarity to both the heroes- Ram Charan and NTR in this regard. 

The pending shoot may need 20 more days to complete. But there is ample VFX work to be done. Can the film release by Sankranthi in this situation? That is another big doubt. 

Above that the issue of ticket prices also should be settled. The Sankranthi season should help the film recover the budget incurred on it. 

At this juncture, many are in doubts what decision Rajamouli would take. But as per the sources, Rajamouli relieved both the heroes for time being. 

NTR is going to join Koratala Shiva from August. Ram Charan has to take decision on his next film.

As Shankar's film takes lot of time, Rám Charan should do something that he can finish in the gap.

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