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Brahmaji Trolls Nara Lokesh In 'Timmarusu'

Brahmaji Trolls Nara Lokesh In 'Timmarusu'

"Timmarusu" is the movie released today in theatres. Though the response can be recorded as lukewarm, some audiences have shown interest to watch some film or the other in theatres after a long hibernation. 

There is a scene in the film that might have attracted the laughs of all the audience had the theatres turned housefull. 

Actor Brahmaji is seen in a trivial scene where he buys a coconut. Sipping the water through  straw, he exclaims "Tiyyagundi".

Well, there is no connection of this scene to the main plot at all. This is a passing by shot where it looks as a deliberate attempt to troll Nara Lokesh recalling his famous "tiyyagundi" line while drinking buttermilk in one of his political tours. 

The small number of the audience present in the theatre have made some laughing sounds for this scene.

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