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Biggest Challenge For 'Kushi'

Biggest Challenge For 'Kushi'

Just six days remain until the release of "Kushi," a much-awaited film. It has been quite a while since we've witnessed a tender love story featuring a big hero. 

While "Sita Ramam," led by the Malayali hero Dulqar Salman, garnered success, its theme was set against the backdrop of India-Pakistan during a specific historical period, intertwined with a suspenseful narrative.

Coming to the recent hit "Baby," it leaned more towards youthful lust than genuine love. 

"Kushi" marks a return to a heartfelt love story with a major Telugu star. One of the significant selling points thus far has been the viral sensation surrounding the film's captivating songs.

Interestingly, despite the presence of these superhit songs, the film's initial reception has not been as aggressive as anticipated. In fact, the advance bookings in the USA have only reached around USD 30,000. 

While there is a substantial anticipation for the film, the opening numbers appear lackluster at this point. The next five days will provide insight into whether the bookings will gain momentum.

The film's fate at the box office hinges on its ability to maintain a brisk pace and infuse humor in the content. A lack of these elements could prove challenging for its success. 

Let's hope that "Khushi" delivers ample humor while incorporating intriguing twists. In any case, the film has already gained recognition for its exceptional songs.


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